Clinical Advisory Board

HR's Clinical Advisory Board provides valuable insight on product usage and development in various areas of healthcare.


HR’s Clinical Advisory Board members are health care professionals who bring their unique perspectives and expertise to provide guidance and technical opinions to advance HR Pharmaceutical products. The board members provide valuable insight on product usage and development in various areas of healthcare.


The CAB shall provide guidance and technical opinions on current and potential products and business opportunities to include but not limited to:

  • Providing strategic advice to the CAB regarding emerging science and technology issues and trends
  • Providing real-world experience relative to the topics of discussion
  • Providing strategic advice and make recommendations to the CAB regarding current and planned products, research and marketing programs
  • Advising the CAB regarding the scientific merit of technology or products involved in licensing and acquisition opportunities

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Each CAB member is responsible for fully and actively participating on the team in order to achieve the goals of the team as described in this Charter—accepting his/her responsibilities diligently and carrying his/her share of the team’s work.
  • Members will be expected to be active contributors to the accomplishment of the CAB’s agenda
  • Members should plan on a minimum of 8 hours during the year in semi-annual meetings and an additional 1.5 hours per month of additional consulting or advisory services

Meeting Frequency

The full CAB meets semi-annually, with digital communications conducted between meetings. In general, the CAB meetings will be conducted in-person unless circumstances require the meeting to be held virtually.


CAB members will serve a term of 2 years. At the end of the initial 2-year term, membership shall automatically renew for successive one year period. There are no term limits for members.

Desired Disciplines

  • OR nurse / Periop RN-AORN
    • Surgery prep nurses
    • General surgeons who perform a variety of surgical procedures
  • Acute Departmental Reps
    • Dr’s, RN’s, PA’s
    • ICU, ED, Floor
    • At least 5yrs experience in current position
  • Urology
    • Urologist or one specializing in Neuro-urology
    • Well versed on catheters and catheterization procedures/issues
  • Ultrasound manager, tech, or OBGYN
    • Someone well versed on ultrasound use, procedures, and techniques
    • If sonographer, one who has experience with different types of scans
    • At least 5yrs experience in current position
  • Hospital procurement
    • Purchasing agent
    • Direct line of contact to the GPO’s and Distributors
    • Purchases for categories that include lubricants, ultrasound gels, and antiseptics
  • Home health nurse, long-term care
    • Visiting nurse or LTC facility nurse
    • Experienced with patients using catheters, ostomies, incontinence, etc.
  • Infection Control & Prevention – admin and/or nurse
    • RN or Admin that reviews and manages IC&P policy implementation within a healthcare facility
    • Experience within a hospital setting
    • IC&P certification

Location Requirements

HR Pharmaceuticals is requesting that CAB members live in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Advisors will receive compensation of $3,000/yr.

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