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HR Pharmaceuticals Announces EcoVue® Product Line Extension

EcoVue Product Line Extension

HR Pharmaceuticals, an industry expert in healthcare consumables, announced a major product line extension to the Company’s EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel, and now offers a high viscosity formula – EcoVue® HV Ultrasound Gel.

According to the Vice President of Sales – Acute & Non-Acute Channel, Ryan Gorman, the line extension was developed in response to listening to the needs of sonographers and hospitals. “The new EcoVue® HV line allows users to choose the right viscosity for their procedure as well as the ability to choose from a bottle or a variety of sterile and non-sterile single-use packets.” EcoVue® HV is formulated to be 35% thicker than the original formula for procedures that demand a thicker gel with more staying power. The new high viscosity formula follows the same product philosophy as the original EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel formula: 99% natural formula, exceptional image quality, and no propylene glycol, dyes, parabens, or fragrances.

HR did a soft launch of EcoVue® HV in late 2020. Gorman says feedback on EcoVue® HV so far has been extremely positive. “We keep hearing things like, ‘LOVE IT‘, and ‘The viscosity of the gel is ideal for my department. It stays on the probe well.’ so we’re excited to keep building awareness of EcoVue® & EcoVue® HV and getting it into more hospital systems across the nation.”

The team is currently reaching out to current EcoVue® customers, as well as new and prospective customers who may have not yet tried EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel for trial and evaluation.

NOW on contract with all major GPOs and healthcare distributors. 

Originally introduced in 2018, EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel sets the standard in high quality ultrasound gel, delivering an exceptional experience for technicians and patients while meeting today’s infection control demands, helping to extend the life of equipment, and delivering bottom line value.

To learn more about EcoVue® and EcoVue® HV or to request samples for trial and evaluation, please visit or email