Our Brands

HR® branded medical products consistently deliver superior product quality and extraordinary product performance.

HR's bottle line running with EcoVue 250ml Bottle (item #286)

HR® Lubricating Jelly is a sterile, water soluble and greaseless lubricant used by doctors and nurses during many medical procedures. Over the past 80 years, HR has built a reputation of quality, with zero market recalls.

Surgilube® has owned the mark of assurance, consistency and convenience for over 80 years. We have provided a premium lubrication to ease discomfort when inserting catheters, endoscopes and other surgical instruments into body orifices.

EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel was designed for today’s ultrasound procedures, fine-tuned to meet the needs of technicians, technology, devices and range of diagnostic uses. Trust EcoVue to deliver a superior value while meeting and exceeding the quality and performance today’s ultrasound procedures demand.

ALLAVO™ hand sanitizer meets the demand for portable, personal hand sanitizing when washing with soap and water are not available. Our portable design lets you conveniently take ALLAVO™ wherever you go – to the office, home, car, school or other places where you need to clean your hands quickly.

HR Urological offers superior quality urological products that address a wide variety of incontinence and catheter needs. Our customers can “Trust in Us®” and enjoy peace of mind in knowing that our products allow them to cost-effectively treat and/or manage their medical needs without sacrificing quality.


AquaFlate™ Sterile Water Pre-Filled Syringes contain sterile water and allow for easy balloon inflation of a foley indwelling catheter. AquaFlate™ Pre-Filled Syringes are made from clear plastic with measuring markers to ensure the precise application of fluid. Simply connect the luer slip tip to the catheter and use the plunger-rod to deliver the sterile water to inflate the catheter.