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HR Expands Urological Portfolio with the Introduction of TruCath™ Leg and Drainage Bags

HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an industry expert in healthcare consumables, is proud to announce the expansion of its HR Urological portfolio with the launch of TruCath™ Leg and Drainage Bags.

Urinary drainage bags are secure and reliable pouches used along with a foley catheter to collect and contain urine. They are used by patients suffering from urinary incontinence, retention issues, or spinal cord injuries.

HR will offer three collection bag capacity sizes: 500ml, 1,000ml, and 2,000ml.

HR TruCath 1000ml Leg Drainage Bag (Item HRLB1000)

Premium Leg Bags

TruCath™ 500ml and 1,000ml premium leg drainage bags feature comfortable flocked backing, easy to operate flip drainage valve, sterile fluid pathways, and comes with convenient, comfortable, preattached, fabric, elastic leg straps.

HR TruCath 2000ml Night Bag (Item HRNB2000)

Night Drainage Bags

TruCath™ 2,000ml night drainage bags are sterile, diamond-shaped, vented drain bags that feature needleless sample ports and a T-tap drainage value. The double hanger is ideal for hanging on a wheelchair, stretcher, or bed.

HR’s expansion of urological products highlights its commitment to providing patients with cost-effective continence care while providing profitable reimbursement to DME and HME providers.

HR is a leader in manufacturing quality medical products and has a deep understanding of the urology specialty, with HR Lubricating Jelly being a staple in urological procedures since the 1930s. “As an independent supplier, we are excited to continue expanding our urological portfolio and provide our customers with a total solution for their urological needs,” said Matt Hanna, Director of Strategy and Business Growth.

The TruCath™ brand launched in Q4 of 2020, and offers a full selection of intermittent catheters in male, female and pediatric sizes including straight, coude, hydrophilic, and closed system catheters.

For more information on TruCath™ Leg and Drainage Bags, or to request a sample, please visit or email